Craters of the Moon was awesome. As I mentioned in my instagram caption, it felt like I was hiking in Mordor. The first hike I did was the North Crater Trail which was about 2 miles each way. This trail was amazing and gave you a good variety of scenery with a bunch of craters, lava flows, etc. If you kept hiking this until you got to the paved trail, you could go on to see the Snow Cone and Spatter Cones, but I didn’t know this so I turned around and headed back before getting that far. Then I drove further down and checked out the Inferno cone, and while I was there saw the Snow Cone and Spatter Cones that I missed before. The last hike I did was the Tree Molds Trail which was a really nice flat hike. Overall this place was awesome and I think it was very appropriately named because it definitely doesn’t feel like you’re on Earth.

Camping Location

Arco, Idaho

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