Traveled 224 miles from Marble Canyon, Arizona

After leaving Lake Powell I decided to head towards Petrified Forest National Park as I had never been there before. Looking around on campendium it seemed that camping in this area was really limited. I couldn’t find any BLM land or any real boondocking, and even RV parks were limited. I did manage to find this gift shop that people were saying allowed you to camp overnight for free so I decided to give that a shot. I made it out here and the lady was super nice and sure enough told me I could camp for free. I’m the only one out here and have a picnic table and a pavilion. I’ve definitely paid for worse sites than this.

gift shop campground

Name Crystal Forest Gift Shop & Campground
Hookups None
Nights 2
Cost $0
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Tags loop3 boondocking


Petrified Forest National Park

Monday, October 5, 2020