Traveled 174 miles from Wendover, Utah

The drive out here was one of the most empty, desolate drives I’ve ever made. As soon as I got on highway 93, which would take me almost all the way to the park, there was a sign that said “Next services 130 miles.” I had a feeling it would be this way so I made sure to stock up on diesel, propane, and groceries/water before coming out here but it was just so much more remote than I had even imagined. Photos don’t really do it justice, you just need to make a drive like that yourself to see how big and empty parts of the West really are.

driving through nevada

I had debated whether to try to camp inside the park or to just go for a BLM site I found a few miles outside the park. I knew I was coming in on a Friday and likely both would be pretty full, but I decided I liked my chances at the BLM site better (plus it was free) so I went there first. The place was basically full but I managed to make myself a spot with a nice overlook. This area feels more like an RV park or a camground with all the other rigs that are here, but I think it should serve nicely as a basecamp for visiting the national park.

campsite in baker

Name Sacramento Pass BLM
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Great Basin National Park

Saturday, September 19, 2020