I’ve made a lot of changes to the blog and figured I might as well point them out. I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to data, so I’ve been keeping a bunch of stats in a spreadsheet about my travels. I decided I might as well move all of this into the blog so that everyone can see it.

The first thing you’ll notice is that each campsite I post (posts marked with a icon) now have a box at the bottom of the post with a bunch of information about where I camped. This information won’t show up until I leave a campsite, so the post for my current location won’t have it, but if you look back through old campsites you will see that information is available.

I’ve also added a stats page that has a bunch of random aggregate data from my travels so far. You can find a link to that page in the footer. The stats also won’t include data from my current location, but will be updated once I move to a new spot

Finally the Campsites and National Parks pages have gotten an overhaul.